I have been developing for the web for over 10 years. Currently, I'm working primarily with Ruby (on Rails), Node.js, and PHP. I love what I do — continually learning, and working with open source.

Recent Projects

Recent Work History

Web Developer, University of Wisconsin Madison 2011-present

I am currently a web developer for the department of University Communications at UW-Madison, working remotely from the Seattle area, after moving from Wisconsin a few months ago. I develop and maintain applications written in a variety of programming languages and frameworks, including: Ruby on Rails, PHP, Node.js, and Wordpress. I am really fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be the lead developer of the new campus map, using a lot of outstanding open source technologies, including: Ruby on Rails, RGeo, PostGIS, Leaflet.js, TileMill, and OpenStreetMap data.

The goal was to create a responsive web based campus map that performed well on mobile devices, as well as to provide spatial web services for campus. The map has been some of the most fun I’ve had professionally. I also do a lot of DevOps and server administration work to support our applications. I was given the opportunity to give a talk, alongside my boss, at FOSS4GNA; which was a great time.

Web Developer, University Communications Department of the University of Colorado Boulder 2006-2011

I developed for Drupal and Wordpress and wrote custom web applications in Ruby on Rails and PHP. I also served as the department server administrator.

I was part of an agile team responsible for creating a large scale Drupal infrastructure to power top level sites, including I had the opportunity to be a part of all layers of the stack, including initial development of to help manage site installation and upgrades. I also managed a suite of services deployed in the Amazon cloud.

IT and Production Manager, Copy Experts 2001-2006

Copy Experts is a small, locally owned, sustainable printing company in Boulder, Colorado. I was responsible for their website, FTP servers, store file servers, ldap user directory, and point of sale system; as well as being responsible for their production workflow. As the industry changed, I had the opportunity to bring the company into the digital printing age, designing the PDF and digital design/imposition workflow the company still uses today. I also built job submission functionality into their website. The owner, Kelly Nowlin, has remained one of my closest friends to this day.


University of Colorado Boulder, B.A. in Communication — 2006


One of my favorite aspects of working in web development is the ongoing opportunity to learn. I'm blessed enough to earn a living doing what I do, but it's also my hobby. I love exploring new techniques and technologies in my field. Some of the technologies I’m currently working in:


References available upon request.